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Beautiful Gemstones for your Engagement ring

Gemstones are available in a vast number of varieties that you’ll always find one that represents virtually every color on the spectrum. As a result of this and other reasons, people may prefer to choose a gemstone for their Engagement ring as a substitute for the traditional choice of diamond. It’s a remarkable way to include something very special to your jewelry set, particularly if the gemstone holds particular value to the one wearing it.

But the field of gemstones demands various considerations, unlike diamonds. Picking a pretty stone to fit your jewelry will be according to many priorities. Listed below are a few of the precious stones you can set on an Engagement ring apart from a diamond.

Beautiful Gemstones for your Engagement ring

Engagement ring


Sapphire is a gemstone often used on wedding rings as they possess durability and lustrous color. They are known to exist in a myriad of colors, with a few even displaying color-changing characteristics. These in-built shifts in the stone may give it a blue coloration in one place then grayish-green in the other. However, a regular practice in the sapphire industry is to heat the stones to improve their color. Engagement ring


Engagement ring

Tanzanite is a scarce and pretty gemstone that was found only in the ’60s. It has a value between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The name was given by the famous Tiffany& Co. designer brand (who are true fans of the blueish purplish stone) after it was found in the Northern parts of Tanzania.
It is 1000 times rarer than diamonds, and this gemstone is the ideal stone to give your one and only, having an estimated 30-year supply all over the world. Tanzanite is an exceptionally brilliant choice as a wedding ring. Engagement ring


If you want the hardiness and glamour of a diamond, apart from the high price tag, Moissanite might be the stone that best fits your budget.
These stones were first found 120 years ago; the beautiful clear (or sometimes yellowish or green) gemstones were initially thought to be diamonds. With a 9.5 range on the Mohs scale, they are listed behind diamonds as the second hardest mineral ever existed, making Moissanite a very reliable substitute when appropriately cut. Join into a diamond halo to give extra sparkle.


Rubies are of the same mineral species as sapphires, known as corundum. They have a similar crystal structure, and they are different from sapphires due to their special allure and decades of historical importance. Just like sapphires, rubies are used to being subjected to heat to enhance their clarity and color. The most beloved shade of ruby is deep red with a little bluish hue often known as “Pigeon’s Blood Red.”


Morganite is the name jewelers often call pink-hued beryls. Its pinkish color can be between rosy salmon colors to orange tinges. Morganite is a sensual stone and got its name from the renowned banker and gemstone collector, J.P. Morgan. Same as aquamarines, the precious stone is evident and is seen in big sizes. They might as well be heat treated to take out any yellowish traces and improve their pink appearance.


Spinel is found in many colors but is commonly known for its deep red color, closely resembling a ruby. Spinel and rubies are most often seen as one of the most famous rubies ever; the Black Prince’s Ruby portrayed in the imperial crown of England was said to be the red spinel. This gemstone commonly shows properties of fluorescence, and they are seldom ever subjected to any treatment.


Emeralds have a unique rich green tone, elegant, valuable, and luxurious, making them a regular stone set on wedding rings.
Even though they have not been in trend over the years, in addition to a contemporary setting, they not only appear classic and chic and ranges between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale; these stones can be used for a long time as well!


Turquoise came on the scene as a very trendy stone in the past few years, with big alternative jewelry designers like Mocuin and Azlee putting it in virtually every collection of theirs. Engagement ring
It has a range between 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and is composed of copper and aluminum minerals, and its color ranges from pure bright blue to a blurry hue with traces of metal. Combine it with tiny diamonds during the production to give the matte stone a luxurious finish.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is deep matte blue semi-precious gemstones commonly mistaken for exquisite jewelry having the most attractive colors and elegant gold flecks that can add a wonderful touch to its gold setting.
It hasn’t been set on many wedding rings before this time, but we suggest it is coming behind Torquoise and will be famous in years to come.
It is quite cheap and be sold anywhere from $1 to 150 dollars per carat, but the very choicest stones have a balanced, deep blue color with a tiny dusting of gold and no fractures.


This stone is famed for its dazzling mix of colors and luxe clarity, which is an available choice for wedding rings. While each Topaz piece has a different mineral constituent, these gemstones often have a range of 8 on the Mohs scale. Engagement ring
Pure topaz is in its nature colorless, while the orange, red, pink, blue, and green hues are caused by irregularities in the stone. We believe that elegant quirk makes it a beautiful stone to gift your partner on your wedding day!อ


Moonstone is a precious, ethereal-looking stone that exists in the feldspar family. Named after its glowing sheen that looks like moonlight, the gemstone displays a fancy mixture of colors when examined from different angles. The most precious and loved moonstones have great depths of transparency and a bluish sheen. Extra care is required with these stones, although they are prone to be cracked or chopping off.


Tourmaline appears to provide the most colorful result of all gemstones. It is a name often given to a variety of different minerals. Because of this, Tourmaline is associated with a wide range of values and prices. A scarce neon-blue form referred to as Paraiba Tourmaline and a multi-colored variety known as Watermelon Tourmaline can sell for very high prices because of their distinct color expression. Engagement ring

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