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Engagement Rings Trends for You

At one point or the other in your life, you must have envisioned that moment; that box opened in front of you, a question that the only answer is yes. Perhaps you even have an idea of what the ring should look like and what it should be made from.Engagement rings are used as a symbol of commitment, love and to express the desire to settle down and build a future with someone.

They are used to signify the beginning of something beautiful, a life ahead that involves two people that love each other.It is a way to tell others that you are “officially taken” to keep pestering individuals, persistent men, and women, and prying eyes at bay. And when you look down at your fourth finger, after years have gone by, it is a reminder of that particular moment you chose to spend your life with that special someone.

Are you ready to take the big step with your partner? Finally ready to go “ring shopping”? Do you want something out of the ordinary, something unique to stand out from the sea of other rings? It’s no news that people have been opting out of the typical engagement ring styles and coming up with extraordinary designs.

Engagement Rings Trends for You

Engagement Rings

Here are a few of the trending engagement rings styles for 2021:

Statement engagement rings:

Want your ring to be bold, bright, and make a statement? The traditional subtle, simple bands that graced the fingers of many brides have been replaced with big, flashy, and prominent rings. Bands with colorful stones that shine from afar. Karats that you can count with the naked eye. Where bands had only diamonds or single jewels on them, they now have different gems affixed that produce a show-stopping effect. A statement ring aims to let the whole world know that you have a ring on. And why shouldn’t you be proud? It is, after all, your moment.

Engagement Rings

Colorful stones:

Want to show the world that you are taken in style without being very loud? Engagement rings with colored stones are one way to show off in style. Creativity often comes in place here as you can choose whatever colors you want to grace your ring. Perhaps a green-tinted diamond, affixed with blue ones? Or yellow sapphires with orangey-red rubies. There are also colored stone rings which are less expensive than diamonds or gold. So, you get to have that ring of your dreams and within your budget too.

Three stones:

Some brides want their rings to, more than just be a ring that shows they are engaged, have a deeper meaning. The three-stone ring, also known as the trilogy ring or trinity ring, is a band with a large stone in the middle and two small ones beside it with a rich cultural background apart from the beauty it offers.

Representing the past, present, and future shows the love you had in your relationship, the love you share now, and one that will last throughout your marriage or forever. It also represents friendship, love, and fidelity; mother, father, and child.

Whatever trios in your life that are important can be represented by the three stones of the trilogy ring. It is unique and can be made with any jewel of your choosing, simple to intricate designs, and you can have a message engraved in it for your special someone. It is also a good choice if you are working with a budget.

Antique rings:

Antique or Vintage rings are often up to a hundred years old and sometimes offer more value than a new ring. These rings have been passed down from generation to generation through different families. Often, they are sold cheaper than new, sparkling rings because of the eras in which they were carved and the materials they were cut out of.

However, if you are going for an antique ring, you have to make sure that you check the durability of the ring and the metalwork. This is because of the wear and tear that would have begun to occur after a couple of years. If you are looking for a particular piece to stand out from the rest, even the statement ring, then vintage is the way to go.


The halo engagement ring will never go out to style, another timeless piece you might decide to be “that ring.” It is a setting that has a large stone surrounded by faceted color gemstones. The diamond halo ring is a balance between the modern and the traditional. It also makes the center stone look more prominent and shinier than it is, even when viewed from different angles.

The unique, creative design of the halo ring is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers. They are offered a wide variety of shapes and designs that you can choose from. Some halo rings have hidden halos inside the halos. If you want a ring that catches the eyes of everyone as you walk into the room, wow the crowd, and leave them speechless, then you should consider going for the halo ring.

Gold bands:

A symbol of eternal love, commitment, and promise, gold bands have been around for centuries, adorning the hands of women. An advantage of the gold bar is that it goes with anything and can be paired with other rings. It is also the perfect blend of beauty, subtlety, and durability. It can be worn at any time and anywhere without fear of thieves or muggers. Many styles work with the gold band ranging from pretty to classic, depending on what you prefer. You can also etch out words and messages for your loved one. Engagement Rings


When choosing a ring, you want to pick something that your significant other will wear for the rest of her life. Now, you have several options to choose from. But, the most important to note as you pick “that” ring is, it does not matter how flashy the ring is or how it reflects the rays of the sun.
The most important thing is what the ring means to you and her; the start of a new life and more beginnings.

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