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Guide to buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

There are numerous variations of Gold Engagement Ring around, and rose gold appears to be a favored one. As pure 24 karat gold is too soft for a wedding ring, jewelry makers mix it with different metals to create alloys. Rose gold is what you get when you mix gold and copper.

Other popular Gold engagement ring variations include yellow gold and white gold. Learning about the differences between these variations could take a whole novel. Rose gold jewelry isn’t necessarily rose gold. Pink and red gold also fall under the umbrella of rose gold. Due to the encompassing nature of this gold variation, most of the jewelry used for wedding rings today is a type of rose gold.

This post is a detailed guide to getting a rose gold engagement ring, the reasons you should consider a rose gold ring, and reasons why a rose Gold  engagement ring may not be your best choice.

Guide to buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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History of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold came to prominence in 19th century Russia, when Carl Fabergé started featuring the metal alloy in his famed jeweled eggs.
The gold variation continued to enjoy popularity into the 20th century when Cartier started adding rose gold to their Trinity band. This gesture cemented its position as a valuable jewelry piece.

When the second world war caused the restriction of platinum use, jewelers started using yellow and rose gold for most of their jewelry, including engagement rings. Rose gold became even more popular due to its appeal. It complements most skin tones, quickly putting it above yellow gold in the popularity charts.

Why Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

1. Classic looks and feel with a modern touch.

Rose gold is a flexible metal that can to look good on any ring type; vintage, traditional, or modern.
If you’re a fan of vintage rings styles, a rose gold ring will serve you better than most yellow gold ring styles. It transitions beautifully on multicolor Gold engagement rings, and it never seems to go out of vogue.

2. It’s good for smaller budgets.

If your engagement ring budget is on the lower side, buying a ring with a rose gold band will be the best option. This idea holds because the natural color fades out the yellow tint on low-quality diamonds.
With white gold or platinum bands, the yellow tints on low-quality diamonds stand out the more. This flaw shows everyone who cares to take a second look that it’s from the budget section.
With a gold rose band, you can get a ring with a J or K diamond. These rings are significantly cheaper, saving up to 40% from the price of higher-quality diamonds..

3. Works well with most screen tones

While white platinum highlights pale skin tones and yellow gold blends with yellow skins, rose gold complements most skin tones.
Rose gold doesn’t wash out paler skin tones or blend in yellow skin tones, but it makes your skin look warmer, giving a natural feel to it.
If the goal is to showcase a lab-grown diamond or colored gemstone, a rose gold band is probably the best choice.
While rose gold doesn’t cosmetically go against most skin tones, some people react biologically to rose gold since it contains copper. If either you or your fiancé has allergies to any metal, you should confirm if you can safely use a rose gold ring.

4. It’s easy to maintain

Unlike white gold, you don’t need to dip rose gold in anything for maintenance. If you care for your hands, your ring should be okay without any main maintenance procedures. If you cherish shiny rings, you may want to soak the ring in warm soapy water and wipe it with a soft cloth to clean.

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Looking at the pros of rose gold rings, you’ll naturally these rings are as expensive as diamonds. However, rose gold is a copper alloy, and copper is generally a cheap metal. Well, rose gold isn’t the only gold variant that contains copper. White and yellow gold also have varying proportions of copper which should also make them cheap.

The gold variant in question plays a minimal role in determining the price of an engagement ring. The most crucial factor that decides the price is the amount of gold in the metal.An 18kt yellow gold ring and an 18kt rose gold ring generally contain the same amount of gold and will be priced the same.

In essence, buying a rose gold or yellow gold engagement ring is the same from a price standpoint. Considering no other factors, the only thing holding you back should be a personal choice.

Is Rose Gold Hypoallergenic?

It’s no news that some rings cause allergic reactions in people. If you’ve previously shown an allergic reaction to metals, you may want to know if rose gold is also hypoallergenic.

As an answer to this, it’s crucial to know why rings cause allergic reactions in people. Some skins react negatively to copper, and since some rings contain copper, it’s only natural that people show allergic reactions to these rings.

Unfortunately, since rose gold rings also contain a fair amount of copper, they can’t exactly be described as hypoallergenic. However, rose gold rings with higher gold content will be less allergenic than those with less gold content. If your partner had previously shown allergic symptoms to metal rings, you should try getting a high karat rose gold ring or none at all.

Cons of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

1.  The copper darkens with time.

Recall that rose gold is gold and copper. Also, copper oxidizes, and during this process, the color of the metal may gradually change to become darker.
When this starts happening, your rose gold rings will start becoming even redder and darker. While some love the natural aging process of the ring, it’s still a defect that jewelers will eliminate if possible.

2. It is allergenic

While this isn’t an issue for most people using rose gold engagement rings, it’s still a flaw. Due to the copper content of the metal, you may have to skip this ring if you’re allergic to copper.


Rose gold is an undoubtedly excellent metal alloy for making engagement rings. It complements most skin tones, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
This article provides a comprehensive guide to buying a rose engagement ring. If you’re planning to snag a rose gold ring for your engagement, this is the only guide you’ll ever need.

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