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Wholesale Silver Rings VS 925 Sterling Silver Rings

Silver Rings VS 925 Sterling Silver Rings

Most of the people often get confused between silver rings and 925 sterling silver rings. The mixture of metals is what confuses them the most. Even after knowing what the difference is, they tend to compare the two, keeping the quality, styles, prices, and durability under consideration. But if you are confused between if silver rings are better than 925 sterling silver rings, or vice versa, then you are at the right place. Keep on reading to know the top qualities and differences between silver rings and 925 sterling silver rings. 

Silver Rings VS 925 Sterling Silver Rings


What Are Silver Rings

As it is made quite obvious by the name, silver rings are rings that are made by the metal silver. It is not entirely silver as silver is too soft to be molded into specific shapes, but when combined with other metals, it becomes easily malleable. So the silver that is used to make silver rings is 99.09% and the rest is some other metal. Silver jewelry stays safe from getting tarnished for a long time. 

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What Are 925 Sterling Silver Rings

When compared to silver rings, 925 sterling silver rings are made out of 925 sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver and the rest is mostly copper. The increased amount of other metals makes the silver easy to mold and shape while making any jewelry items. It’s shinier and is cheaper than the actual silver rings.

Silver rings and 925 sterling silver rings are both unique in their places. It is up to you to choose just according to your preferences. Don’t hesitate to try both the types of rings and then decide what suits you best. We hope that this would help you style your hands better and upgrade your ring collection. Don’t forget to check out different online shopping platforms to get a look at a variety of options.