6- Is Sterling Silver Body Jewellery Safe For Piercing

Is Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Safe for Piercing

Is Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Safe for Piercing
Is Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Safe for Piercing

Body piercing is known to be one of the most ancient and old practices, commonly done by our ancestors. Just like all other things, body piercing has also leveled up its game. By introducing so many new advancements in medicines and modern technology, body piercing is widespread and has undergone quite the modification over the last few decades. Sterling silver body jewelry 

What’s great is that all these modifications and transformations have demonstrated to be for the better. If you are planning to get a new piercing, you must be glad to realize that this modern technology in medicine is creating a lot of difference by introducing multiple preventive treatments and processes. 

These treatments are not only there to prevent common piercing issues such as infections, inflammation caused by infection, or any rejection, but they also help in preventing any of the problems before they have even occurred. The most important thing you have to consider about body piercing is the material you can use. 

Your piercing material may affect the time of the recovery of your piercing, and it might also affect unpleasant side effects you have to experience with the wrong material that includes metal allergy too. The two most commonly used metals for piercing are Sterling silver body jewelry and surgical Steel, and you might be very surprised to know that silver is not considered to be the safer one. 


Since you might have heard silver as the most commonly and affordably used metal for jewelry because of its aesthetic appearance, you might think it is great for piercing. Silver is widely considered a precious metal and is believed to be more valuable than Steel. Even now, wholesale marcasite jewelry near me has given a competition to Gold as well. Many people go for sterling silver because of the elegance of its color and affordability.

Earlier when silver was not considered a very attractive or fashionable metal as compared to Gold, it was bought less by most women. But nowadays, when the situation has changed, and silver has managed to be standing along with the Gold. Silver jewelry is now equally delicate or maybe equally as valuable as gold jewelry. There is this vast range of designs available from which you can decide the type of jewelry you want to wear, but most importantly, you will have to read more about this precious metal sterling silver body jewelry

What is Sterling Silver?

You might be surprised to know that sterling silver body jewelry is not made from the pure silver metal; it does have some other metals mixed in it, which makes it an alloy. The reason for putting silver along with other metals is to decrease its malleability and increase the sturdiness. Making it an alloy is compulsory so that it can be made into jewelry. Other metal, which makes it feasible for making any jewelry, can be harder. 

Is Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Safe for Piercing 001
Is Sterling Silver Body Jewelry Safe for Piercing 001

You must know that alloys are a mixture of multiple compounds. Sterling silver is an alloy containing a mixture of silver, copper and some other metal added for sturdiness and strength. Sometimes the other metal is also added for a brighter color or improved tarnish resistance. These alloys may also oxidize and turn to a dull, dark black color whenever they are exposed to any chemical present in the air. The most common corrosion or oxidizing causing factors include moisture, sunlight, and other things like sweat or any makeup products. So you will have to be more careful to look gorgeous with this elite kind of metal. 

Apart from sterling silver body jewelry, there are some other silver alloys, too, that without nickel, and it includes Argentium, Continuum, and Stellium Plus®. All these three alloys have a lighter tone of color and are more tarnish-resistant than usual sterling silver. That being said, if you’re sensitive to nickel, you should always ask whether it’s part of the alloy.

Sterling Silver in New Piercings

If you’re stacked up with a lot of Silver nose jewelry, you’ll better keep them for specific occasions where you’ll have to wear them for a shorter duration. Silver nose jewelry can only be worn when your nose piercing is completely healed, which we know takes long. Not only .925 but also .999 fine silver jewelry can not be worn whole heaving unhealed nose piercing. 

Moreover, when you’re getting your nose pierced at the very start, be careful that you get dealt with by a reputable piercer because the piercer must make sure that he does not pierce anyone with a sterling silver body jewelrypiece. You immediately need to look out for another reliable piercer if yours is making this mistake. 

Here are a few reasons why sterling silver does only belong to an old piercing:

  • As discussed previously, one of the only few drawbacks of using sterling silver includes that It tarnishes so quickly. It’s tarnishing process involves turning into ugly, dull black color giving an awful appearance. The speed at which sterling silver body jewelry tarnishes depends on your body’s nature or condition if you sweat a little more than usual people than your sterling silver might turn dull and black before all of them. So if it’s a new piercing, it might just stain a little dark color, but it won’t cause any other harm. 
  • The dark stain appearing around your piercing hole is commonly known as tarnish tattoo. And we all know how permanent tattoos are. What’s good is that it doesn’t cause any damage, or it isn’t dangerous or hazardous for health, but only you have to ignore the stain on your body. The same kind of stain appears in hyperpigmentation(skin darkening) around the new piercing, you must be keen while you differentiate. 
  • There’s this rule that you are not supposed to touch your jewelry instantly after the piercing. It is done to prevent any disturbance while it’s halfway to heal appropriately. You are not even allowed to change your jewelry you have been pierced with, and this makes it compulsory that you have been pierced with the right metal, which at least should not be sterling silver body jewelry for once. For proper healing and avoiding inflammation or infection, you must obey your piercing command of not touching or removing your piercing jewelry. 
    Wearing Sterling Silver in a Fully Healed Nose PiercingSilver can be an excellent alloy if you’re planning to wear it for a party or gathering as long as you are not sensitive or allergic to any metals present in the alloy. Even though sterling silver body jewelry is a little bit high maintenance metal, you would still want to fill your jewelry closet with sterling silver metal. It can be deficient maintenance if you use it the right way and keep it away from the moisture. You can prevent tarnish by putting it in powder or some closed box so that it doesn’t get exposed to humidity.

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