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925 Sterling Silver Rings Wholesale

Best wholesale engagement rings

925 sterling silver wholesale engagement rings are all the rage at the moment. With their unique and extensive range of designs they are well-loved and sought by women around the world. But with this increasing demand, it increases the opportunity for jewelers to sell counterfeits to ignorant buyers. Knowing your silver can save you from the trouble of seeing your favorite jewelry tarnish over time. 

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It is crucial to understand the composition of 925 sterling silver to ensure you are investing in the best quality rings out there. With 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, you have the universally standard 925 sterling silver. The alloy added keeps the silver strong and hard, while maintaining the classic silver sheen. 

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Fraudulent sellers

Because of the addition of the alloy, a lot of jewelers can lower the percentage of silver while selling with the label of 925 sterling silver. Unaware hoarders look at the shine of the rings and spend thousands on them. Having a trusted jewelry maker is the way to investing in durable and long-lasting jewelry

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Seller location

When buying 925 sterling silver rings wholesale online, keep a check on which country the seller is based in. Sterling silver from Europe has less than 92.5% silver, and so does sterling silver from Russia. They will all be sold as sterling silver, but their quality and tarnishing rate will differ. 925 sterling silver from the United States has 92.5% silver, unless a rip-off is being sold. 

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Trusted seller 

With any precious metal, it is crucial to have a thorough idea of the seller before spending the bucks. Online reviews and frequent buyers can be a great source of information regarding trusted jewelers, known for their durable 925 sterling silver rings at wholesale rates. 

925 sterling silver rings wholesale can be the best items to invest in at economical rates, if done meticulously. Keep these tips in mind, and go on adorning yourself in beautiful jewelry.


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