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How to Take Care of Wholesale Sterling Silver

Care of wholesale silver jewelry resale

Care of wholesale silver jewelry resale

wholesale silver jewelry resale like any other precious metals does get tarnish with time and requires proper care and maintenance. When it comes to taking care of 925 Sterling Silver, this metal is strong and durable and does not require much cleaning. However, there are few tips on how to take care of your everlasting beautiful wholesale Sterling silver

Tip 1:Always keep your Sterling Silver in a cool and dry place. There are bags available in the market that prevents the silver from tarnishing. You can also use a soft clean cloth to wrap your silvers.

Tip 2: Keep your Sterling Silver pieces separately to avoid scratching on the jewelry.

Tip 3: Do not use tissue paper or hard cloth to clean your sterling silver; always use a soft polishing cloth for cleaning and polishing.

Tip 4:When it’s time to clean your sterling silver, make a solution of water and mild soap and use a soft cloth to clean for cleaning and drying.

Tip 5: Store your Sterling silver in a place that is not exposed to air. Air can make the silver tarnish over some time

Tip 6:If you have a pretty old wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces that have tarnish. Simply use a Silver-Dip that can make it brand new. Another option is to rub it with a Silver Cloth. This can make it new and bring back its lost shine.

Tip 7: Be careful while working with household chemicals while wearing wholesale sterling silver. Refrain from wearing silvers when you are working with such materials.

Any precious metal jewelry requires proper care and maintenance. So these were some tips on taking care of your wholesale sterling silver. It’s pretty easy to take care if you follow these tips. They will definitely help you and as a result, you will a long-lasting, shining sterling silver.

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